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No Smile Is Beyond Good Health, Function & Appearance

Whether you have tooth pain, crooked teeth, broken teeth, gaps between teeth, missing teeth, severe decay or other major problems, an attractive smile and good oral function are still within your reach.Dr. Curtis Sandahl and his experienced dental clinic staff use restorative dentistry techniques that are designed to take smiles that “are falling apart” and return them to a healthy, confident smile makeover. A well-trained and caring family dentist, Dr. Sandahl offers a range of restorative dentistry services that can have you eating normally, smiling confidently and living happily – no matter what your current state of oral health.

Restorative Services Designed for Your Unique Needs

  • Full mouth reconstruction – Using combined techniques, mouths with damaged or crooked teeth, broken teeth, missing or gaps between teeth, severe decay, bone loss and other problems that may need root canal treatment can be remade into functional, appealing, confident smiles.
  • Aesthetic dentistry – In addition to restoring oral health and function, Dr. Sandahl uses cosmetic dentistry techniques – whitening, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges and others – to ensure an appealing result.
  • Dental implants – Permanent prosthetic teeth replace missing or severely damaged teeth, provide normal bite and oral function for the long term and, unlike dentures, prevent further bone loss.
  • Periodontal care – Dr. Sandahl uses a variety of methods to help restore gum tissue to good oral health. That way, it can support restorative dental work such as dental crowns, dental implants, even a dental bridge.

Patient Reviews

I actually enjoy going to the dentist
I actually enjoy going to the dentist! I have never had a bad experience at Dr Sandahls office, and I trust him completely with my oral care. He actually stayed late to accommodate my schedule today. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know, and anyone I don't know. You won't be disappointed with the service you will receive.
- JAY M.

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